Thursday, October 31, 2013

Google Nexus 5 Inside Out

• CPU: MSM8974A (Qualcomm) Possible that it can be using a 'higher binned' Snapdragon 800
• Radio Chip: Qualcomm MDM9x25 + RF360 support <-- well-made video, deals with LTE band fragmentation (max thorough-put
150mbps, carrier aggregation/MIMO, LTE-A ready)
• LTE Chip: WTR1605L (Qualcomm) (7-band world LTE chip. Found in the Nexus 4 and iPhone 5s) List of Supported Bands for LG-D820, NA model Here is another list from Anandtech
• LG-D820 (North American Model): LTE bands 2/4/5/17/25/26/41
• LG-D821 (International Model): LTE bands 1/3/5/7/8/20/41
• Handy list of LTE networks
• Motion Co-Processor: MPU-6515 (Invensense) (6-axis gyro + accelerometer, MEMS motion tracking. Low voltage compared to it's comparables; 1.7v minimum) (afaik the N5 will be the first to have
this new low powered chip)
"The MPU-6500 MotionTracking device sets a new benchmark for 6-axis performance with nearly 60% lower power, a 45% smaller package, industry-leading consumer gyroscope performance, and major
improvements in accelerometer noise, bias, and sensitivity."
• Power Management Controller: PM8941/PM8841 (Qualcomm) (PM8941 Found in the LG G2, Nexus 7 (2013), and Note 3)
• WiFi/BT: BCM4339 (Broadcom) (5Ghz WiFi + 802.11ac) PA + LNA front end support
• Audio Codec: WCD9320 (Qualcomm) '24bit x 192kHz FLAC/WAV' (found in the LG G2, among other phones like the Note 3)
• Power controller for Display: DW8755 (Dongwoon Anatech) Lower powered than it's predecessors
• LED Backlight: LM3630A (Texas Instruments)
• Compass Sensor: AK8963C (Asahi Kasei Microdevices) (this component looks to be brand new. Datasheet is time-stamped for October 2013)
• Barometer Sensor: BMP280 (Bosch SensorTec) (Datasheet here)
• Enhancement of GPS navigation (e.g. time-to-first-fix improvement, dead-reckoning, slope detection)
• Indoor navigation (floor detection, elevator detection)
• Outdoor navigation, leisure and sports applications
• Weather forecast
• Health care applications (e.g. spirometry)
• Vertical velocity indication (e.g. rise/sink speed)
• Ambient/Proximity Sensor: APDS-9930 (Avago)
• NFC Chip: BCM20793M (Broadcom) (This chip is not compatible with Google Wallet as it does not have embedded hardware security element. Same with the Nexus 7 refresh)
• Envelope Tracking feature: [QFE1100] (Qualcomm)
• ACPM-7600: (Avago) (This is related to power management and is currently found in the Note 3) This chip has to do with envelope tracking and carrier aggregation
• Slimport Transmitter: ANX7808 (Analogix)
• USB host, device or OTG data passes through by default
• Meets requirements of Inter-Chip USB specification
• HDMI 1.4a compliant (Stereo 3D video output support)

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