Thursday, November 16, 2006


Recently i upgraded my windows XP SP 2 running on a coreduo laptopto Windows Vista RC1 then RC2. I noticed that the quality of the video driver for 2d rendering and video overlay is not as good as Windows XP driver. Some software impacted are Video Lan (color depth switching), OnAirSolution HTDV creator.
I have notice in a dual screen mode when plugged to a Video Projector some "horizontal light background bar" interlaced within the video signal moving from "top to bottom". Yuck !!
I have also noticed some significant quality decrease when using the OnAirSolution HDTV player. The overlay of channel number are not properly rendered and the bilinear filtering is not as good as it was on Windows XP.

Please NVIDIA update the Vista RC2 driver for the 7400 card on coreduo laptop ASAP...

Monday, November 13, 2006

The service is up and running now. A serious competitor to google maps. Very impressive so far !

The usage of 3d is really impressive and very usefull to look for intersection thanks to visual

Zune Web Site

On november 11 the zune software should be available for download...
Really curious to see how it works and how this product will be integrated with Vista, Media Center and the XBOX 360...

As far as the device specification is concerned

Everything courtesy of Microsoft