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My Favorites Flash AS2/AS3 Components/FLA Part I

Components in Flash CS3 and CS4

Kudos for done in Flex. Interview with Patrick Miko

A great candidate for a new video playback component : A component using netstream to interpret interactive hot spot produced by Activideo embedded in FLV/F4V stream.
You may be interested to read more about interactive video in Flash CS4

Overall my favorites component for Flash CS3/Flash CS4 to
render Photo Gallery and now Video. Each Video transition now
support Pixel bender. Once drop on stage you will have access
to a Video Component with an impressive set of parameters.

AS-Flash Media Player (standalone)

- Video player with H264 support
- Audio player
- Subtitles - XML
- .srt to xml converter (PHP script)
- Share (send to friend) (PHP script)
- Cue points (highlights)
- external (XML) and internal (in video) CP
- YouTube support
- Alternate video content (low/high quality)
- Image preview
- External loaded logo
- URL protection
- Version test for Adobe Flash Player
- Auto hide controls
- Loop on/off
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Mouse wheel, doubleclick
- Fullscreen support
- FlashVars & Query driven
- AS 2.0

XML driven item slider.
You can change almost everything: number of items/page, number o change/click, image 1, image 2, text 1, text 2, speed, blur, saturation, brightness, reflection and much more. AS 2.0 - Flash Player 8

Engage your users with truly intuitive browsing experiences with the pageFlipper, a Flash component that enables magazine style flipping of pages. Sensational when used for company brochures, family photo albums or editorial style content. With realistic page turning effects introduce an enhanced sense of interaction to your users. Use Movieclips, external images or SWFs for pages. Add pages using XML, Actionscript or the Component Inspector panel. Only 14KB.

Flip through the book in the example by either clicking and dragging the pages from the corners in a page flipping motion or by clicking in the corner of each page. You may also flip to each page directly using the direct page number links above the book. AS 3.0 - Flash Player 9

Tree3D is a tree component for ActionScript 3 with a twist. It allows you to easily create a three dimensional interactive tree UI navigation systems. Based on data driven XML, the component can be easily adapted to virtually any data source.

Developed by Zerofractal Studio and based on an idea by Alejandro Gonzalez, Tree 3D offers an intuitive user friendly functional spatial tree that combines horizontal navigation for the current level and depth cascade style navigation for its hierarchy.

Common uses for Tree 3D are: File/Folder Browsers, Menu systems, site-maps, or any tree based structure.

- Data driven
- Customizable Label and Icon styles
- Breadcrumb Navigation
- Customizable UI settings
- Incredible 3D eye-candy effects
- Customizable Scrollbar
- Keyboard/Mouse Wheel Navigation.
- Flash Player 9 - AS 3.0

Cool Flash Weather widget XML based (data is received from Google web service at -( You can choose different towns, languages, US or SI units. You can add unlimited number of cities and languages (XML settings).

Your server must support PHP in order to avoid the security sandbox for this widget.
Flash Player 8 - AS 2.0

- Real 3D globe (not just one flat map animated);
- Smooth animation based on 72 frames;
- 100% scalable vector;
- Translucent globe;
- One movieclip contains all graphic elements. Simply drag and drop;
Included AS code for 9 versions of the globe (as seen in the preview);
- Easy to customize (with or without actionscript): globe elements colors; globe elements transparency;
- AS 2.0 - Flash Player 8

- resizable from xml
- unlimitted images/content
- dinamically resizable scroller
- you can change most of the colors/sizes using the xml
- you can position the entire component as well as the other individual components just from the xml
- you can change the button's text/url/target for each slide
- the content is html formatted text and you can easily change it for each slide
- also, from the .xml file you can change the sliding timing and the fade in/out time and animation type
- in the xml you have a variable (autoplay), when this is activated, on first load the news rotator will start playing

The component can easily be embedded into another project, all you have to do is copy the srouce files into your new projects folder, copy the library items into your new projects, drag and drop on the stage the gal movie clip and it's done.

You can use the news rotator in many ways, it's a useful component and because the level of customization is high it's a must have. It can be a news rotator, a product show off or even a family album, sky is the limit.
- AS 2.0 - Flash Player 8.0

The 3D Stack can be easily use to display groups of images, movie clips, SWFs with perspective, depth, fading and much more!

Key features:

* Adjustable images position via parameters or
* Using camera keyboard and mouse controls
* XML configuration file easy to setup
* AS 2.0 - Flash Player 8.0

AS3 RippleDissolve class that works best with small vectors or bitmaps. The effect is triggered on a MovieClip by using a single line of ActionScript. Settings include effect duration, ripple height, ripple speed and effect strength. Goldfish not included.

Sliding menu, mouseover pushes out the normal state of the button.

Features for the xml/what you can change:
- the menu's position
- normal/over/pressed gradient colors, font size, font name, button's height, button's added width to the text's total width if you want the button to be a little wider
- you can toggle either a button will be launched at first menu load
- you can toggle either a line will appear around button, you can even choose the line's gradient colors
- you can toggle each bg (normal/over/pressed) and of course you can change each of the button's gradients and alpha value
- you can toggle on/off the menu's big background and you can change it's gradient color, width, height, alpha value and you can even position it anywhere you want.
- you have 4 motion options ( up-down, down-up, right-left, left-right )
- you can change the animation time and you can choose the animation type ( I have used tweener for this and you have a link in the help file with all the transition types available )
- AS 2.0 - Flash Player 8.0

Flexibile menu, easy to customize without having to install flash, all you need is a text editor to change it's graphics. In this preview version getURL had been disabled but in the original file it works just fine and in the xml you can change the url and the target as well.

Enjoy this new release from OXYLUS Flash

This is the PRO version of the ultimateScroller component, rewritten for ActionScript 3.0 with several additional features and enhancements. An easy to use, drag and drop Flash scroller that can scroll movie clips and dynamic text fields. Includes drag scrolling, easing, motion blur, mouse wheel scrolling and CS3 skinning.
Available for ActionScript 3.0. .

Displays a collection of images in a random layout and angle. The viewer can rearrange the layout by clicking and dragging the images or by pressing the optional reshuffle button. Large images can also have mouse over titles and descriptions. Built-in easing effects and skinnable image holders.
AS 3.0 - Flash Player 9

Stylish vector world map with continent navigation menu. It could be used for corporate websites (list of company branches or distributors locations). Continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
AS 2.0 - Flash Player 8.0

This is a nice yet powerful tooltip. This can easily be integrated into all of your flash applications. AS 2.0 - Flash Player 8.0

Spinning Earth - AS 2.0 - Flash Player 8.0

The magneticMenu flash component displays icons, images, or flash files in a magnetic like menu. When a user mouses over an icon the icon is attracted to the mouse pointer much like a real magnet. Supports both a horizontal or vertical menu.

Key Features
* All settings and photos can be changed through the component inspector or the XML file
* Customizable spacin
* horizontal or vertical format
* Supports all Flash image formats
* Supports .swf files
* ActionScript API available
* AS 3.0 - Flash Player 9


A simple but useful event countdown ticker. Great for under-construction pages
with a known launch date. All code resides on the timeline and is well commented.
Additional documentation describes how to modify the widget's variables to your

Future upgrades will include:

- Parameters to be set externally via XML
- Pure V2 component implementation
- AS 2.0 - Flash Player 7

The rotaryGallery displays images and Flash .swf files in a unique circular layout. Once a user clicks on a thumbnail image, the thumbnail expands to full size while the current image sizes down to a thumbnail and the rest of the thumbnails dynamically reorganize. The rotaryGallery has many customizable parameters to get an infinite number of looks.

All settings and images/videos can be changed through the component inspector or the XML file
Custom thumbnail image size
Custom image size
Custom diameter of the gallery
Option to place the center image onto or below the thumbnail images
Optional Glass like effect over the images
Custom glow transparency
Custom glow color
Custom glow blur
Optional link click through
Supports all Flash image formats
Supports Flash .swf files
AS 3.0 - Flash Player 9

Fully customizable events calendar, XML driven.

Here are some of the variables you can edit:
calendarWidth & calendarHeight
calendarColor & calendarGradient
backgroundAlpha & alphaSpeed
calendarTextSize & calendarTextFont & calendarTextColor
daySize & dayColor & dayEventColor & dayAlpha
eventBorder & eventColor
eventTextSize & eventTextFont & eventTextColor
transition & eventTransitionSpeed

Set any static movie clip on fire
AS 3.0 - Flash Player 9

This banner rotator is driven xml. It uses 'perlinNoise' and 'threshold' method to create clouds mask effect. You can show image. Customize button color, hover color, text color, button number, button shape. Also, open window method and delay time for every image. Very powerful, hope you to like it.


  • xml driven

  • Customize button color

  • Customize hover color

  • Customize text color

  • Customize button number

  • Customize button shape

  • Pause/Play rotator

  • customize link enable for banner (linkEabled = 'yes' or linkEabled = 'no'

  • Customize position of buttons

  • Customize open window method for every image: '_blank' or '_self'

  • Customize delay time for every
The slow motion Video Feature is interesting

The 3D Wall Flash component displays images on an engaging interactive 3D wall using the Papervision3D engine. The PRO version can also display FLV videos and SWF's

Wall of images

How The Wall Works

- A list of images is drawn from an XML file and then loaded in randomly.

- The app then calculates how many squares will fit on the screen (based on the “target width” and “target height” XML settings) and then randomly fills the browser with your images.

- Your image list can be any size. For example, if you have only two images in your list, the file will take those two images and repeat them until the wall is built. If you have more images in your list than allotted squares, the file will then leave out the extra images.

- You can choose whatever size you want your squares to be from two settings in the XML file

- The app will scale your images to fill each square appropriately

- Your large images can be any size. If they are too big to fit on the viewer’s browser, they will be scaled down to fit.
XML Options

- Set the target height and width of your squares

- Choose to use the file as a clickable gallery or use it as a dynamic website background image

- Customize your Right Click Menu with target supported links

- Set the path to your photos and write their HTML /CSS supported descriptions

Uses GreenSock TweenLite. Lightweight at only 25kb (with embedded font, 12kb with device fonts). Class driven and easy to integrate with your Flash Projects (code below)

import com.crackerjack.Wall;
var wall:Wall = new Wall();


This is a flexible and easy to customize banner ad rotator that supports external images and swf files. All settings and item locations/descriptions can be set in the .xml file. Very easy to resize (change dimensions in the .xml and re-compile the file with the same dimension = done).

Among its features :
- ActionScript 3.0
- virtually unlimited items (visualy limited by the height of the file for the drop-down selector)
- xml powered, flexible
- supports both images and swf files
- autoplay timer setting
- text description for each item with the posibility to have no description bar
- clean unobtrusive design
- cool motion blur animation
- play/pause feature
- quick setup and customization


Features of the ActionScript3 Flip Book Slideshow.
– Item support JPG , GIF , PNG files.
– Each page move for its own path.
– You can use it as:
1. E-Book or E-Jurnal.
2. Image Viewers.
3. Banner rotator.
4. Image slideshow.

– Easy configure and modify all settings and parameters by XML files:
1. Unlimited number of pages.
2. You may add unlimited number of images and HTML -formatted texts for each page and move it to any positions on the page.
3. You may add link for any images with different target parameters.
4. You may edit font size, font colour, background colour, background opacity and width for every text block by XML .
5. You may turn on/off autoslideshow mode, set animation speed, animation pause, buttons colour, preloader colour by XML .
6. You may set one of two modes:
a. Loop mode – pages will be flip by loop.
b. Single mode – Flip Book Slideshow will be looked like on simple book.
7. You may set background image or colour for Flip Book Slideshow and for any page.


This is a drag and drop XML drive image viewer with zoom/pan capability and HTML /CSS description text. It can be used both for flash files to be embedded in HTML as well as for dragging and dropping into your flash project.

* Drag and drop and XML driven.

* Can go over any background (the wood one shown in preview is just an example of this).

* Coded to load into other swf’s without problems.

* Text is HTML /CSS text for thorough formatting abilities.

* Help files included.

* 100% vector with easy on stage editing of graphics.

* Zooming and Panning allows large detailed images to be inspected closely.


XML Team Business cards is a team viewer, which displays Business cards of the members of your team, your office…

Without opening any fla, just edit the XML .

You can display the photo of each member, his name, his role, job or position, and his e-mail. The e-mail address is clickable, to open your messenging tool to send an e-mail.

You can customize : the colors and the shapes of your Business cards, put a different color for each member.

You can add as many members you want.


This Papervision 3D Business card is very simple to use, just open up the XML file in your favourite text editor like Notepad and replace the default details with your own business card information. Then, just create your imagery for both the front and back of the business card. Once youve done that you are ready to go!

I have listed this as a business card because that was my main inspiration for making it, but you could use it for anything where you wanted to flip something with two images on.


* True 3D, built using the fantastic 3D engine, Papervision, no skewing and distortions to create an illusion like others
* XML based, you can control the business card text data within an XML file, along with settings like size, flip speed, blur amount and the front and back images to be used


These are 8 image transition effects, include: Rotate, Scale, Blur and Fade. Maybe you have never seen this kind of transition before, not using mask, tweening, filter etc… but from the small rectangles that build up the image. By modifying the properties of those small rectangles, you can create many different transition effect. The Fade effect is somehow different from the traditional fade effect you knew . Quite impressive and useful, the choice is yours!


Mask effect on an image with blur.






It’s all vector, therefore you can resize it all you want and not lose the quality. It is ready for drag and drop. Place the movieclip “mask” over your photo or other elements.

If you want to change color transition, set and edit movieclip “box” (first color) and “addons” (second color). Additionally You can put “tint” color effect in movieclip “mask”.

Only 5kb (without photo)!


It’s all vector, therefore youcan resize it all you want and not lose the quality. The items in the stage have a “tint” as color effect. It is ready for drag and drop.

Only 3kb (without photo)!

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