Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flash and Video Games PS3 and XNA ???

Civilisation, Mass Effect and Crysis used Scaleform GFx for their Flash graphics.


Scaleform® GFx™ 3.0 introduces the Common Lightweight Interface Kit (CLIK™) to help accelerate the design and development of user interfaces on multiple platforms including PCs, Consoles, and Mobiles. The CLIK component architecture and workflow enhancement tools enable users to rapidly create user interfaces from prototype to final design.

Adobe Flash contains a variety of premade and preconfigured interface components to enable easy interface creation. The Scaleform CLIK components are similar to the components found in Flash, but have been custom-designed specifically for creating games using Scaleform GFx 3.0.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Watch Flash Web Site on your HDTV with your PS3

The beautiful part of the PS3 is that the new browser in the PS3 has Flash Player 9 installed. What’s even more beautiful is that it is at least version 9.0.115 because all of my tutorials can be watched from the comfort of your couch. Connecting the PS3 with an HDMI cable makes the tutorials look amazing.

I also recommend the Logitech PS3 keyboard which makes cruising the web a joy.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Window subclassing is tricky

Window subclassing is tricky, and as a general rule one should not attempt to dynamically sub-class and unsubclass an HWDN multiple times
during its lifetime. Instead subclass once at the HWND creation time, and then un-subclass at the HWND destruction time.
ONLY un-subclass if the value of GWLP_WNDPROC matches your window proc.
In general, you do not know if other subclasses will unsubclass at WM_DESTROY or WM_NCDESTROY time, so it is safest if it attempt to unsubclass
rst in WM_DESTROY time, and then (if that does not succeed) at WM_NCDESTROY time. You willnot get a WM_NCDESTROY
message if you were able to unsubclass in response to the WM_DESTROY message.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tealium Web analytics Blog

With the recent news on Yahoo Finance regarding Omniture-Adobe acquisition, I was curious to know a bit more about Web Analytics and provide pointers to anyone reading my blog. I posted an article some time ago on how to add Google Web Analytics to a SWF. Anyhow, here is a very great blog that I found at Tealium.com for those interested in Web Analytics. The blog is really well written by web Analytics Experts. Former Web Side Story, Visual Science and Omniture folks...


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Papervision3D Essentials Book

Papervision3D Essentials (Paperback)
by Jeff Winder (Author), Paul Tondeur (Author)


Quoting Paul Tondeur :

Both web pages provide information about the content and the level of the book.
Chapter 8 is available online as a free sample, and covers working with models and animated models that have been created in external programs. Among other things, the chapter discusses how to export models from Autodesk 3ds Max, SketchUp and Blender.

Those who are interested can also find some more information in our blog posts: