Tuesday, September 23, 2014

iPhone 6 battery life

Overall Apple executed well on one of the most important feature : battery life ranking #1


Now after 2 days of excitements here is a fact that I discover on the iPhone 6 plus with iOS

Facebook is a battery hog!

Facebook background activity took away 24% of battery life for shit that most of the time I don't care about!

Facebook needs to come up with a real plan to add more settings in order to save battery life and data bandwidth as well if they want to move away from the #1 spot of worse battery usage!

Here is few features ideas :

  1. While roaming don't sync the news speed. When you are travelling and posting to facebook you don't want to sync the news feed. Actually you only want to post and access your home page eventually to confirm that your content was posted.
  2. Auto play video on mouse over os a stupid feature and should be turned off automatically while roaming.
  3. Add a feature to hide all pictures (no download) expect the one you just posted. Make more important facebook settings available through the OS/App settings option not some obscure settings inside the human interface within the phone app.