Monday, January 22, 2007

iPhone Humor

Lots of laugh and laugh and laugh

Saturday, January 13, 2007


From slashdot:

Thursday, January 11, 2007

CES 2007

Hot products at CES 2007

Number 1:

My first kudos will naturally goes to the OQO model 02
check out this device is a kick ass
PC with : hold your breath...

1.5 GHZ VIA C7N ULV processor
60 GB harddrive
Microsoft Vista capable
integrated 3G EV-DO WWAN
WIFI 802.11bg
integrated bluetooth 2.0
VX700 graphics chipset with integrated GPU
VGA/Ethernet adapter
3 hours of battery life standard
6 hours double capacity
illuminated keyboard with mouse
USB 2.0
HDMI output digital video port

I want this device sssoooo bad

Number 2:
Certainly the All in one LG Super Multi Blue
Blue Ray Disc Rewriter & HD DVD drom Drive

Number 3:
Motorola new bluetooth stereo headset. Super thin.
I want one soooo bad to listen to my music on my Q

Number 4:
VIDA BOX Slim High Definition Windows Media Center

Number 5:
Toshiba HDDVD internal burner drives.

Number 6:
Those cool USB picture digital frames
such as as a cool gift for you familly and friends

Number 7:
Niveus HDTV box using intel VIIV and those interesting
Digital Wireless media adapter to stream from one place
to an other. Not sure if this will let the user stream
anything or just on demand pay per view content ???

Number 8:
The demo of for the city of LasVegas.

Number 9:
Visteon wireless charger for portable electronics devices
such as moto Q

Number 10:
Yet an other Windows laptop but close to a MacBook Design
LG Mobile WiMAX/HSDPA laptop

Why CES is always after christmas ::))

iPhone talk

A really great article explaining the pros and cons of the iphone

BTW Steve i really like what you do but come on... not to provide the ability to replace battery on those iPod is a bummer for all of us.