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ANDROID app with source code - a must HAVE

remotepad for iPhone
Not for Android but a very very cool app
RemotePad is an open source application that controls the mouse cursor of your desktop PC. This way, you can use your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless touchpad!

Global Mobile Map Viewing and Navigation for Online and Offline OSM Maps
Android application that renders OpenStreetMap maps and calculates routes
a vector-tile map library written in java - running on android, desktop and within the browser
Development moved to
VectorTileMap is part of the OpenScienceMap project, developed at University of Bremen.
traceper is a web-based GPS tracking system for smartphones, it is free, it is open source, it is simple and it does not require any GPS tracking device, it only uses mobile phones and we think that all mobile phones will support GPS in the near future.
Then let's give some info about traceper, there are two softwares in the project. One of them is running at cell phones and sends GPS data to a server by using internet connection.The other one is a web application developed by using Google Maps API, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax to show where the users are.
Application running at cell phones is now available for Android and other versions of this application, running different platforms, will be developed in order to make traceper more usable.

WiFi Compass helps to find the location of indoor Access Points by analyzing the WiFi Received Signal Strengh Indication of different measurig points in the building. A built-in Step Detection Algorithm that uses the accelerometer tracks the user movement in a building. Measuring point positions can also be set manually.
WiFi Compass was developed by Paul Woelfel and Thomas Konrad as a part of their master thesis at University of Applied Sciences St. Poelten, Austria, which could be downloaded here. It is published as Open Source software Google Code.

Proxoid is a ProxyServer on Android. It allow users of not rooted phones to use their phone's internet access from a computer.

Navit is an open source (GPL) car navigation software for Linux, Windows systems and portable devices. It will display your position on a map (in bird-view mode or as a 3D "visualization") from GPS sensor data, and can provide precise route calculation, touch screen functionality and supports Points of Interest (POI), which can be extended via an easy to use plugin system. Unlike other navigation systems, Navit maps are dynamically generated in real time from vector data.

the Sky Map open source project
Google Sky Map turns your Android-powered mobile phone into a window on the night sky. It will identify objects that appear in the sky and allow users to search for them.

SwiFTP is a FTP server that runs on the Android platform. It emphasizes simplicity, ease of use, and small size. It is now considered "stable," meaning that things should work quite well.
The goal of the project is to enable an Android phone to easily share files with computers or other devices over a wifi network. These computers only need to have an FTP client, which all computers do. You can walk around with your MP3/video/ebook/whatever collection and share it seamlessly with almost any wifi-enabled system.

Developers, designers, translators, artists, testers, writers and everyone else are welcome to pitch in and contribute in whatever way they can. This is an open source project and it cannot survive without the support of the community. Contributions are accepted under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 only.

Android Oscilloscope called OsciPrime.

OsciPrime is an open source Android Oscilloscope. Following features outline the project and final product:
1.Open hardware Front End from scratch samples at 6 Msps, 8 bit, and high res at 48 Msps
2.CPLD feeds the Cypress USB FX2 micro controller to transfer data.
3.The Beagleboard is connected to the Front End with USB and runs Android
4.Our application processes and visualizes the samples that are acquired using libusb
5.The data is rendered using OpenGL

6. Trigger Offset
7. Signal Offset
8. Cursors for measurement
9. Performance Improvements
10. Running on Beagleboard with Rowboat Gingerbread

The Application is going to run on your phone as well. Although at the moment it requires you be able to record mono at 44100 [Hz] to use Audio.
You might also have to adjust measurement units in the source code.

Open Manager
Open Manager is a free and open source file manager that will run on Android 1.5 and above. Open Manager is licensed under the GPL v3. Because this is an open source project, it will always remain free and free of ads. Open Manger version 1.0 can: copy/paste files and folders rename files and folders delete files and folder create new folders search for files and folders sort files and folders display hidden files and folders display folder information (e.g size, number of files etc...) zip

A simple and open source Android Tipping Calculator.
•Enter bill via custom keypad
•Select tip by slider or three configurable buttons
•Real time calculations
•Round up or down by tip or total
•Can split the bill
•Can optionally exclude a tax rate from the bill

This is an Android application for a dice roller suitable for many different purposes, but was designed as a tool for pen-and-paper RPGs. Includes a general dice roller, a dice pool roller that counts successes, and an ability score roller to roll stats for characters.

All code falls under the GPL except for the MersenneTwisterFast class; this code was written by Sean Luke and is available under a BSD license. Look here for more information:

Remote Droid
RemoteDroid is an android app which turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse with touchpad, using your own wireless network. You can learn lot of things like connecting to a network, controlling user finger movement etc from its source.

APV PDF Viewer

Simple Open Source PDF Viewer based on MuPDF library. Source code available at User group at

Android Cookbook
A community-written O’Reilly Cookbook about how to build great Android applications. In typical O’Reilly Cookbook style, it is full of how-to information along with code snippets that illustrate the ideas presented.
Under Creative Commons License

Rokon Game Engine
Rokon is a free 2D OpenGL Android game framework

Open GPS Tracker
An application that can track your travels of your Android by storing your GPS locations. Draws the route real-time on either Google or OSM maps. Uses coloring to render speeds. Share though GPX, KMZ formats

osmdroid provides Tools / Views to interact with OpenStreetMap-Data.
The OpenStreetMapView is a (almost) full/free replacement for Androids MapView class.

A convention based micro-framework for Android that makes developing screen based mobile applications super easy to do

Linphone Video
Linphone is an open source internet SIP phone or Voice Over IP phone (VoIP) WIFI/3G, with video calls support for ARMv7 phones. Main features: -Audio with the following codecs: speex (narrow band and wideband), iLBC, G711, GSM, G722, Silk -Video with VP8, mpeg4 and H264 codecs (ARMv7 only)

Native SIP/VoIP client for Android
Adds native SIP/VoIP to Android's dialer/contacts. Make and receive calls over Wifi, 3G, and EDGE with perfect voice quality and lowest delay. For optimal standby/compatibility/calling Skype™ register with and your SIP accounts from there. Basic accounts are free. Premium accounts allow calling regular phones while streaming live video and much more.

CallMeter NG
CallMeter NG is an Android application summing up your call and text logs. Different billing modes and periods are take into account on summing.
Currently CallMeter NG is translated to following languages: English, German, Polish, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Android SMSPopup
It is an Android app that intercepts incoming text messages and displays them in a popup window. Apart from being a time saver, this app also shows us how to interface with the built-in app that manages SMS.

K-9 Mail
K-9 Mail is an open-source e-mail client with search, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, bcc-self, PGP, mail on SD & more! K-9 supports IMAP, POP3 and Exchange 2003/2007 (with WebDAV)

Jamendo Player
Discover, listen, download and share the works of independent artists from across the world. JAMENDO.COM offers the largest Creative Commons-licensed music catalog on the planet! It's all free, legal & unlimited!

Barcode Scanner
Scan barcodes on products then look up prices and reviews. You can also scan Data Matrix and QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, etc. Also share your contacts, apps, and bookmarks via QR Code

Andoku Sudoku
Andoku is an open source sudoku puzzle game for Android. In addition to standard sudoku puzzles it offers these sudoku variants
OpenSudoku is a simple open source sudoku game. You can learn how to display things in a grid in your view and also how to interact with a website by reading its source code.

OpenPGP for Android. It’s open source and its goal is to provide a similar OpenPGP implementation as GnuPG. * manage secret/public keys (eg. GPG/PGP) * encrypt/sign/decrypt/verify emails and files * some integration into GMail accounts on the phone * integration with K9 * HKP Keyserver support

Bankdroid is an open source banking application for Swedish banks. Key features: • Automatic updates of your bank balance and transactions – You’ll always have up to date information just one click away

My Tracks
Use My Tracks while you run, bike, hike, or do anything else outdoors, and it will use the GPS sensor in your phone to record the path you took. It will also gather useful statistics such as time, speed, distance, and elevation. You can review all of this data live, or you can save it for use later

OCR Test
Experimental app for optical character recognition (OCR). Runs the Tesseract 3.01 open source OCR engine to find text in images captured by the device camera. The purpose of this app is to demonstrate OCR running on an Android device

Standup Timer
Standup Timer is an Android application that acts as a simple, stand-up meeting stop watch. It can be used to ensure your stand-up meeting finishes on time, and gives all the participants an equal share of time to state their progress. You can learn how to use the timer functionality by reading the source code. Also this apps has clear distinction between view, model etc and has lot of util methods

It is a four square client for android. This app is basically divided into two components;

The pedometer app tries to take the number of steps you take every day. Even though the count is not accurate, you can learn different things like interacting with accelerometer, doing voice updates, running background services etc by reading its source code.

ConnectBot is a Secure Shell client for the Android platform. There are lot of good things about this app’s source code. Check it out for yourself

WordPress for Android
This android app is from the official WordPress development team. You can learn how to make XMLRPC calls (in addition to other cool things) by reading its source code.

Aptoide is an open source approach to repositories in Android. With Aptoide you can create your own repositories of applications, and use the client to download, remove and update them, from your's or others repositories.

Astrid is a todo list / task tracking system for Google's Android platform that is built with your productivity in mind. Astrid's goal is not to be the most feature-complete task organizer, but to be the most simple solution that helps you stay productive.

Open Intent
We design and implement open intents and interfaces to make Android mobile applications work more closely together. We provide samples and free applications to demonstrate their usage.

Safe-1.3.apk OI Safe 1.3 Featured Feb 18 Feb 18 755 KB 303 OI Safe 1.3 (source code) Feb 18 Feb 18 661 KB 82
Notepad-1.3.apk OI Notepad 1.3 Featured Feb 18 Feb 18 515 KB 599 OI Notepad 1.3 (source code) Feb 18 Feb 18 479 KB 90
FileManager-1.2.apk OI File Manager 1.2 Featured Feb 18 Feb 18 723 KB 3327 OI File Manager 1.2 (source code) Feb 18 Feb 18 800 KB 264
ShoppingList-1.6.apk OI Shopping List 1.6 Featured Jan 29 Jan 29 957 KB 897 OI Shopping List 1.6 (source code) Jan 29 Jan 29 970 KB 219
AboutApp-1.1.apk OI About 1.1 Featured Jan 29 Jan 29 240 KB 1621 OI About 1.1 (source code) Jan 29 Jan 29 260 KB 115 Icon templates for Android 4.0 Jan 8 Jan 8 6.8 KB 136
Flashlight-1.1.apk OI Flashlight 1.1 Featured Jan 1 Jan 1 152 KB 1441 OI Flashlight 1.1 (source code) Jan 1 Jan 1 178 KB 270 SensorSimulator 2.0-rc1 Aug 2011 Aug 2011 692 KB 9914
LendMe.apk LendMe showcase app for Historify Aug 2011 Aug 2011 39.2 KB 210
HelloSharedSource.apk HelloSharedSource for Historify Aug 2011 Aug 2011 21.3 KB 206
historify-0.8a.apk Historify 0.8 alpha Aug 2011 Aug 2011 237 KB 216 SensorSimulator 1.1.0 Jun 2011 Jun 2011 308 KB 8547
ConvertCSV-1.1.0.apk OI Convert CSV 1.1.0 Featured May 2011 May 2011 110 KB 3461 OI Convert CSV 1.1.0 (source code) May 2011 May 2011 141 KB 523
NFCPuzzle-1.apk Taghash ver 1.0 Mar 2011 Mar 2011 424 KB 431
Countdown-1.1.1.apk OI Countdown 1.1.1 Featured Feb 2011 Feb 2011 185 KB 3461 OI Countdown 1.1.1 (source code) Feb 2011 Feb 2011 216 KB 781 OI Calendar Picker Demo 1.0.0 (source code) Nov 2010 88.1 KB 1101 OI Calendar Picker 1.0.0 (source code) Nov 2010 179 KB 1341
CalendarPickerDemo-1.0.0.apk OI Calendar Picker Demo 1.0.0 Nov 2010 20.8 KB 791
CalendarPicker-1.0.0.apk OI Calendar Picker 1.0.0 Featured Nov 2010 155 KB 1974
ColorPicker-1.1.0.apk OI Color Picker 1.1.0 Featured Oct 2010 41.0 KB 9031
BarcodeOIPlugin-1.0.0.apk Barcode OI Plugin 1.0.0 Jun 2010 54.9 KB 4857
Newsreader-1.1.1.apk OI News Reader 1.1.1 Featured May 2010 146 KB 4128
BasicColorsTheme-1.0.0.apk Basic Colors Theme 1.0.0 Feb 2010 20.6 KB 9041 Basic Colors Theme 1.0.0 (source code) Feb 2010 23.2 KB 964
Droidspray-1.1.2.apk Droidspray 1.1.2 (Trial version) Featured Jan 2010 322 KB 2111
InsertDate-1.0.0.apk OI Insert Date 1.0.0 Dec 2009 13.6 KB 4083
Logcat-1.0.0-rc1.apk OI Logcat 1.0.0-rc1 Dec 2009 25.1 KB 1104
Timesheet-1.1.3-default.apk Timesheet 1.1.3 [17] - apk installation file (Trial version) Featured Sep 2009 225 KB 3559
LocaleBridge-1.0.0-rc1.apk OI Locale bridge 1.0.0-rc1 - apk installation file (release candidate) Jun 2009 35.5 KB 923
Obscura-1.0.0.apk Obscura 1.0.0 (Trial version) - apk installation file Featured May 2009 284 KB 5415
DeleteAll-1.0.0-rc1.apk OI Delete All 1.0.0-rc1 - apk installation file (Release candidate) Apr 2009 10.8 KB 887
SplashPlay-1.0.4.apk SplashPlay 1.0.4 - apk installation file Featured Jan 2009 747 KB 8950 OI Update 1.0.2 - source code Jan 2009 80.5 KB 1522
UpdateChecker-1.0.2-andAppStore.apk OI Update 1.0.2 - AndAppStore - apk installation file Featured Jan 2009 70.5 KB 7974
UpdateChecker-1.0.2-market.apk OI Update 1.0.2 - Market - apk installation file Featured Jan 2009 70.4 KB 37103 TestAboutApp 1.0.0 (for OI About) - source code Jan 2009 19.9 KB 967 OI Voice Notes 1.0.0 - source code Nov 2008 19.2 KB 1839
VoiceNote-1.0.0.apk OI Voice Notes 1.0.0 - apk installation file Featured

SQL Lite
my-android-sqlite-example-project - A simple list activity to demonstrate using a custom SQLiteOpenHelper database adapter, etc.
android-gps-emulator is a GPS location emulator for changing/setting/simulating the GPS location of the Android emulator through a simple map-based interface, using the geo fix command. Using GWT and Google Maps in combination with JTA (Java telnet support), this is a simple tool for emulating the geospatial (GPS) location of your local android emulator using the telnet geo fix command. I found it cumbersome to use command line telnet and manually type specific location coordinates to test Android applications in the emulator, therefore I created this tool.

JavaCPP provides efficient access to native C++ inside Java, not unlike the way some C/C++ compilers interact with assembly language. No need to invent a whole new language, whatever Microsoft may opine about it. Under the hood, it uses JNI, so it works with all Java implementations, including Android. In contrast to other approaches (SWIG, CableSwig, JNIGeneratorApp, JNIWrapper, Platform Invoke, GlueGen, JNIDirect, JNA, JniMarshall, JNative, J/Invoke, HawtJNI, BridJ, etc.), it supports naturally and efficiently many features of the C++ language often considered problematic, including overloaded operators, template classes and functions, member function pointers, callback functions, nested struct definitions, variable length arguments, nested namespaces, large data structures containing arbitrary cycles, multiple inheritance, passing/returning by value/reference/vector, anonymous unions, bit fields, exceptions, destructors and garbage collection. Obviously, neatly supporting the whole of C++ would require more work (although one could argue about the intrinsic neatness of C++), but I am releasing it here as a proof of concept. I have already used it to produce complete interfaces to OpenCV, FFmpeg, libdc1394, PGR FlyCapture, OpenKinect, videoInput, and ARToolKitPlus as part of JavaCV.

WiFi Compass helps to find the location of indoor Access Points by analyzing the WiFi Received Signal Strengh Indication of different measurig points in the building. A built-in Step Detection Algorithm that uses the accelerometer tracks the user movement in a building. Measuring point positions can also be set manually. WiFi Compass was developed by Paul Woelfel and Thomas Konrad as a part of their master thesis at University of Applied Sciences St. Poelten, Austria. It is published as Open Source software Google Code.

aLogcat is the well-known developer tool logcat, in the form of an Android application. View color-coded, scrolling (tailed) Android device (logcat) logs directly from your phone. No USB, adb, or emailing necessary. Set log format / level / buffer, filter logs by regex, clear log file, save to SD. Share logs via any application that handles plain text or HTML sharing, including Gmail, Email, Pastedroid, Bluetooth, and others. Install application Pastedroid to share logs via pastebin. Ensure HTML output is disabled in preferences as this only supports plain text logs. Optionally save log files at specified intervals in the background.

The goal of this project is to aide analysts and reverse engineers to visualize compiled Android packages and their corresponding DEX code. The primary focus of this project is to provide a visualization layer that’s typically missing in existing Android reverse engineering tools, as well as to create a unified platform that combines several existing Android reverse engineering tools into a single unified view and context. For example this would include taking the control flow graph output from Androguard and unifying it with the code output from apktool, or dex2jar.

this is a ported game quake, witch is released by id software.

Collects output of logcat and sends it to a developer using email or messaging. Can be used as a standalone application or invoked through the intent API by another application. Usage example is provided for developers who would like to integrate with the Log Collector through the intent API.

Tetris like game with physics for android and browser.

FEATURES: Arbitrary number of lights Gaussian blurred light maps Point light Cone Light Directional Light Shadows Dynamic/static/xray light Culling Colored ambient light Gamma corrected colors. Handler class to do all the work. Query method for testing is point inside of light/shadow This library offer easy way to add soft dynamic 2d lights to your physic based game. Rendering use libgdx but it would be easy to port this to other frameworks or pure openGl too.

We'd like to introduce AndroBlogger. With this program on your Android device you can view your blog on You can also create posts.

The function of the Open GeoSMS encoding standard is to facilitate communication of location content using the extended Short Message Service (SMS) feature between different LBS (Location-Based Service) devices or applications for achieving interoperable communications while still maintaining human readability of the content. Namely, any application or service can simply leverage an extended SMS message using the Open GeoSMS format. With this Open GeoSMS SDK, developers can easily take advantage of the convenience of Open GeoSMS. There are several major navigation services/softwares in Taiwan support Open GeoSMS such as Naviking and Fareastone navigation service, and more. Using Open GeoSMS SDK allows the developers to send and receive location information with this international open standard between different platforms, it works even for Man-to-Machine (M2M) or server-based solutions.

Tux wars is simple game for android

This project consists of two main components: -an Android client application for recording audio -a server based on opensource Julius ASR engine to recognize voice commands The main purpose of the project is to create a voice interface that allows users to initiate scripts and commands on a server by speaking commands into their Android phone. Applications can range from simple command'n'control within the operating system (eg. changing tracks on a music player) to controlling external hardware (eg. turning lights on or off using something like Arduino).

A battleship game for Android

The android-cpp-sdk is a c++ wrapper for android's java sdk. The purpose of android-cpp-sdk is to ease native/NDK development on android platform, by providing a corresponding c++ class for almost every java class from android-sdk.

PyppeGPS is an Android application with following features: Track your location, speed, altitude and direction (using GPS / Network provider) Tag locations with a description View the track (and tagged locations) on a Map Designed for minimal power consuption Keep logging even with phone locked Save data on KML format Upload saved track to a web-server Send saved track via email

AnotherMonitor is an application for Android which monitors and records the memory and CPU usage values of the mobile phone. Thus, the program is intended for anyone whom would be interested in knowing the mobile resources state. It has 2 main options: It shows a graphic and several text labels wherein the values of the memory and CPU usage are updated in real time. It can record in a CSV file the read values for a later usage and process in a spreadsheet program.

ogger is a way for you to view the logcat output on your phone. Each type of log message is displayed with a different color. You also have the ability to filter the output to only show you debug, info, warn, error and verbose. You can switch back to seeing all messages by selecting the filter menu option and choosing All from the list. Below are a few screenshots of the application, it is available under the GPLv2

This is the source code for all the examples and games in the book "Beginning Android Games", written by Mario Zechner, published by Apress in April 2011. The book is available directly from Apress, from Amazon and various other outlets.

picasa client for android

Read SMS

This is a package of tweaks and modifications to GPS configuration on Samsung Captivate under Gingerbread. Tested under KH3 (Pinnacle, Captivate I897 2.3.4) but is derived from XXJVS 2.3.5 and should work on any I-897/I-9000 Gingerbread ROM/modem. WILL NOT WORK WITH FROYO ROMs.

Saves precise locations. Great for pinpointing new caches in geocaching. Allows to save GPS location much more precisely. Great geocaching tool for placing new geocaches. Can be used to precisely pinpoint any location. Features: Altitude support Export to GPX, KML Show location on map Share location using e-mail Locus integration

GssDroid is a native Android client for the Pithos cloud storage service. Pithos is based on GSS, a scalable file storage service, built on open source technologies. It offers an open API and multiple user interfaces, including an iPhone/iPod Touch client, a rich web GUI, WebDAV and various Desktop clients. Learn more about Pithos at and about GSS at

This is very simply Space Invaders recreated for Android, based heavily on the Nintendo 64 version of the game. Started as a final project for my Game Development class, with the front end written by Professor Ming Chow of Tufts University

Kitchen Timer? As its name suggests, it is a timer for cooking. In reality it contains three separate, independent timers that can be used for a lot more than just boiling an egg! Turn it on whenever you need to set a time limit of any kind (paid parking, training, taking a nap, etc.)...

VzWifiConnect makes it easy to connect to some common WiFi networks, generating the WEP key automatically

Show the stock in widget with simple layout and less configure. PS: this is a simple application without complex stock buy and sell function.

Location example for android phones

Touchpad emulator for Android. It connects to the PC via ADB.

This project allows to access a JIRA database on the go from a mobile phone.

ColorTone app picks colors from camera capture providing an English name and RGB/HSV/HTML notation values.

The application beeps according to the specified BPM. You can change tempo smoothly due to the thread design like never before. 3 sounds visual beep (light bulb) run in background BPM range is 30 - 220 different first beep it's GPL ;-)

The fastest and smoothest iPhone style Launcher, and we are going to provide you the experience which is closest to iOS.

aSMSReplier is an open source project that listens to your incoming messages and replies to those messages according to your settings.

nullwall v1.0 is an application firewall for the Linux based Android operating system. This firewall will help maintain the overall security of the rooted mobile device and runs as a background service consuming minimum processing power. nullwall supports cross platform functionality and will function with both mobile and WiFi networks. nullwall determines malicious traffic based on white black lists set up by nullwall or user interaction.

An android application to statistic the application usage.

this is a email client based on Android email application.

geolocation For Mobile Phones

Record a voice message and send it to a contact in gmail.

Check how secure is your password, and how long it will be taken to crack your password on a normal Desktop PC

A terminal that lets you modify the system.

This program can protect your phone from useless information such as spam messages and harassing phone calls

Realization of a Bluetooth touchpad as an Android application by using the HID protocol. This project is part of my Bachelor Thesis: "Implementation of a Bluetooth touchpad based on Android OS" at the Chair of Operating Systems, TU Munich

Geo-Camera is a camera application, which is combined with Global Positioning System (GPS), image gallery and geocoding facility. This application is designed for Android 2.2 and higher versions.

A simple GPS tracker. Displaying graphs of speed and altitude. Also supposed to embedd googlemaps to display different trackings.

LocateMe, developping by the Migo team, is an Android widget which displays your actual position. LocateMe also allows you to do the following in just a few clicks: add your location as the address of a contact ; view your location on a map (eg Google Maps) ; define a route from your position; ...

Show bssid's on the area

android mock gps is a GPS location emulator for changing/setting/simulating the GPS location of the Android emulator/device through a simple map-based interface. You can add the location to Favorites. This app sets up mock GPS location so every other app in your phone belive you are there! This app allow you call its interface in other app by sending a broadcast.

UGen++ is a audio processing and synthesis framework in C++. It provides oscillators, filters, envelopes and event management etc. There are starter projects for Mac (using Juce), Windows (using Juce) and iPhone.

This is a complete example for android-rtmp-client.

OpenGPX is an application for paperless Geocaching for Android mobile phones.

TripComputer is a personal off-road GPS navigation utility software for Google Android phone, created for active people, who love trips by hike or bike. Application has navigation features, like waypoint bearing, distance, compass direction, estimated time, current location. All these information will guide in your off-road trip.

RDP Client

Picasa Photo Uploader is for android phones. This application will automatically upload the photos you take with the phone's camera to a Picasa webalbum of your choice. Uploads are done in the background.

Simple way to send an android camera picture, to your browser over Home Network (WIFI).

This is a very simple open source app that uses different parts of the BuzzBox SDK:

cocos2d cocos2d-android on googlecode goes on slow. This project will port latest cocos2d-iphone code as we have a stable version.

serial port The current Android SDK does not provide any API for reading and writing to the Linux TTY serial ports. You may find such serial ports on the connector of HTC Android phones. This project wants to provide a simple API to connect, read and write data through theses serial ports. The supported features are: listing the available serial ports on the device, including USB to serial adapters configuring a serial ports (baudrate, stop bits, permission, ...) providing standard InputStream and OutputStream Java interfaces What is NOT possible with this project: receiving/sending data through an USB slave interface

proxydroid Proxoid is a ProxyServer on Android. It allow users of not rooted phones to use their phone's internet access from a computer.

android screencast Desktop app to control an android device remotely using mouse and keyboard. Should work on Windows/Linux/MacOS with any android device.

android vnc viewer A VNC viewer for Android platform. android-vnc-viewer is forked from tightVNC viewer.

Geopaparazzi is a tool developed to do very fast qualitative engineering/geologic surveys. Even if the main aim is in the field of surveying, it contains tools that can be of great use also to OpenStreetMappers as well as tourists that want to keep a geo-diary.

Battery Indicator is a simple but useful app for Android. Its primary function is to provide an icon in the upper left notification area that shows the exact percentage of the battery charge.

The various Android release versions, form factors and manufacturer customizations have caused a significant fragmentation problem. Writing one app that runs on all Android devices is very hard to achieve (and sometime impossible). This project tries to help app developers by generating as much and as detailed insights about particular Android devices as possible. Android Analyzer aims at developing an Android application that analyzes and collects hardware and software capabilities of devices based on the Android OS. Our ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive, state-of-the-art repository of data for a wide range of devices - from mobile phones, to tablets, STBs, smarthome panels, and anything else that runs Android. The database will support the developer community in addressing fragmentation problems of the Android platform.

With FasterGPS you can select a NTP Server matching your region to speed up the process of getting a GPS fix.

Android OS Monitor OSMonitor is a small tool let you monitor your android phone. Process monitor all processes and display detail information about each. Network show every physical or logical network interface with statistics. Connection display every tcp or udp network connection, and query it via WHOIS ( require Google Map ) Misc monitor processor, battery and file system. Log check dmesg or logcat in real-time.

straight wrapper for sqlite3

DroidWall - Android Firewall is a front-end application for the powerful iptables Linux firewall. It allows you to restrict which applications are permitted to access your data networks (2G/3G and/or Wi-Fi). This is the perfect solution if you don't have an unlimited data plan, or just wants to see your battery lasting longer.

MapDroid is an Android's application which use Google Maps for describing all the services around your current position and navigation information.

charts4j is a free, lightweight charts & graphs Java API. It enables developers to programmatically create the charts available in the Google Chart Tools through a straightforward and intuitive Java API.

VLCShares is a web-app written in php. It aims to extend WiiMC online media tab features allowing to watch HD Files through vlc transcoding, fetch medias from websites (ex. Megavideo, AllSp,, etc etc) and make them viewable in WiiMC without have to download them first. It also provide same features for Android Phones too.

This application allows you to control media playback of VideoLAN Client (VLC) from your Android-powered mobile device. You must enable the HTTP interface in VLC for this application to work. To start VLC HTTP server from the command line, use a command like this: vlc --extraintf=luahttp --fullscreen --http-album-art --qt-start-minimized

VS ANDROID vs-android is intended to provide a collection of scripts and utilities to support integrated development of Android NDK C/C++ software under Microsoft Visual Studio. Currently vs-android only works under Visual Studio 2010. Earlier versions lack the MSBuild integration with the C/C++ compilation systems. Features Compile and link Android C/C++ projects within Visual Studio. Integrated development, no makefiles. Works as another 'Platform' type. Android settings co-exist within the same VS projects as other platforms. Supports static library projects, and links them in if marked as project dependencies. Intellisense and 'External Dependencies' correctly pull in Android NDK headers. Cygwin install is not required. Over twice as fast as using ndk-build under Cygwin. For full rebuilds, and incremental changes. Ctrl-F7: compile single file functions, has no dependency checking wait. Applications build to .apk package files, and can be deployed and ran using vs-android. Supports selection of STL types, Arm Architecture, and API versions. Support for the x86 toolchain introduced with the r6 SDK.


An Android implementation of a magnetic compass.

wake up a host automatically by connecting to a specified wifi

Font Vending - bring more fonts to your apps. Developers often give users a possibility to use several different fonts in their apps. In this case non-standard fonts are usually stored in an installation file (apk). That results in unnecessary traffic and inefficient use of the device's internal memory. To avoid all these problems the Font Vending app was developed. By means of this program developers are able to give their users a possibility to choose what fonts they want to use without transferring it to user's device with their apk. Features: Variety of fonts to choose from Font preview The Google Web Fonts project is used as a provider of fonts (more fonts providers are to come) Font filter by provider, category and/or language subgroup Call Font Vending via intent from your app Warning: The program does not replace or add any system fonts. All fonts are stored at the /sddcard/fonts/ folder or any other folder defined by Font Vending client developer.

IMDboards is an Android app to read IMDB Message Boards. This app lets users to view the movie message boards in a special mobile format.

The Memento Browser is a free Android app that allows you to time-travel on the Web. When browsing a web page, request a different date to see older versions of that page. This is made possible using Memento, a modification to the HTTP protocol that adds a time dimension to the Web. Memento allows the browser to discover archived versions of a requested web page at,, and other repositories.

A Simple Gps Status Application for android

Giscovery is a prototype application that demonstrates how to create location-based services through an Android phone and web services. Giscovery also creates a social network sharing concept that allows users to share the discovery of events, interesting locations, and shopping tips.

This is a small service allowing you to share your current position by mail or sms with your friends

A library that allows you to connect of Wi-Fi hotspots. Do you want to write a android app that can make Wi-Fi connections? "WifiManager", "WifiConfiguration"...

test an app to show the sensor value running on android platform

This is a rtmp client lib ported from red5 and can be used in both android and other java platform. Compared to red5, this lib has a minimal lib dependence.

ChartDroid is an Intent-based "library application" for static chart and graph generation on Android. It can graph/plot/display numerical data in many representations. As a developer, you need only to have your users install the library, then implement a Content Provider according to this simple specification. ChartDroid is consistent with the "Unix toolkit" philosophy of building small, interoperable tools. Some developers may prefer to import graphing libraries (.jars) into their project; for that they should look elsewhere. Having ChartDroid exist as an independent application conserves storage space and eliminates redundant cod

Pocket CVS is a tiny CVS server which can run on you Android device. With this application, you can take your projects in your pocket and access them anywhere.

This Project contains an Android Application that allows the user to synchronize with Sensor Observation and Web Map Services and GeoRSS Feeds. The requested Data can be visualized with GoogleMaps. Geological 3D Data in GOCAD Format can be visualized with OpenGL.

? is a new kind of Facebook client. It adds the geolocation concept on your social network. You'll be able to share your current location by mail, take a picture or set a localized status. You'll be able to find new people near by you and add it for new friends. Enjoy! This project is divided into two parts: client side: with Android native app, iPhone web app (HTML5 with geolocation), desktop web app (Google Gears is needed) server side: written and hosted with/by Google App Engine

Cryptnos is a multi-platform, Open Source application for generating strong, pseudo-random passwords using cryptographic hashes. It combines a unique "site token" such as a website domain name with a master password and runs this data through a cryptographic hash algorithm to produce a password that is unique, lengthy, seemingly random yet completely repeatable. Unlike similar products, however, it is exceedingly flexible. It is not a browser plugin, so it can be used with other applications outside the Web. It provides unparalleled versatility by letting you specify the cryptographic hash to use, how many iterations of the hash to perform, what characters to include, and how long the final password should be. Best of all, it is exceedingly secure. Your m

Back end is a Arduino (Freetronic USBDroid) which controls a motor/servo (Dynamixel MX-28) slider for both time-lapse sliding shots and video shots with wired/wireless shutter control and USB full control(ISO,Focus,WB,etc...) Front end is a GUI via Android phone(still in development)

GUI frontend for iptables to accept/reject gprs/edge/3G traffic on Android devices. Required installed commands 'su' and 'iptables'.

Autopilot for the model planes such EasyStar based on the android platform.

3D 3rd-person scroll shooter with the shoot’em’all gameplay. Player controls the combat helicopter and fights against other planes, tanks, turrets to survive on a long dangerous level.

Custom Maps makes it easy to create GPS maps from map images, and those maps can be used anywhere without data signal for your Android device. Since Custom Maps does not require data signal it can be used while hiking in national and state parks that may be out of reach of data networks, or it can be used to avoid expensive data roaming charges abroad. Because Custom Maps can convert any map images, including photos, to GPS maps, it can be used when visiting zoos and amusement parks which typically post large maps of the park layout at the entrance of the park. Just snap a photo of the posted map, line it up with Google Maps in the app, and you're ready to go. Custom Maps is also useful for anyone who wants to create or share customized maps with others. Created maps can be shared using email from the app itself, or by hosting the map on a web server and posting QR codes for others to scan to trigger downloading of those maps. Custom Maps source code is copyright by Google, Inc.

An Bluetooth monitor on android, you can use it to monitor and debugging all data during the Bluetooth communication.

Kõnele ( is an Android app that offers speech-to-text service to other apps. Apps which allow user input via voice usually have a little microphone button as part of their user interface.

Ever wished your smartphone was actually smart enough to activate features when certain things happen? Settings Autopilot gives that ability by turning on and off features as they are probably needed. Features Automatically activate Bluetooth during a phone call. Automatically activate Wifi during a phone call. Nice if you lose data while using the phone. Notifies you that data has connection has dropped and gives easy access to turn on wifi. This is a port of the CloudMade Java API for Android. This library is a wrapper which makes it easy to call the CloudMade web services without taking care of HTTP connections. Navigation and geospatial operation RemoteUnlocker is a tool for Android developers who want to implement a serial-code control system in their applications in an easy and intuitive way. The tool consists of an Android library (to be imported into your own projects) and a PHP + MySQL backend (to add/edit/delete serials into the database)

This script makes browsing Android SDK sources in Eclipse available for Android developers. LAW (Liberate A Wifi), Android is an application developed by Michelangelo, course author FLU PROJECT - Introduction to Android Development in collaboration with Pablo Gonzalez and Juan Antonio Street (the Flu Project Team), which operates the famous problem generation of the keys to default routers Telefónica and Jazztel . If you have a router with WPA encryption of these companies we suggest that this tool auditis networks.

Simple implementation of android's cover flow widget. It is largely based on excellent code from Neil

Small Android app to take a quick picture from camera, This code is intended for learning purposes and implementation How-To for android development.

awesome wifi is a simple android wifi manager

Wrapper for routing the Android Debugging Bridge over a Bluetooth connection.

Android application that collects device's current location and sends it to a server. A small class making it really easy to render graphics with en update.

Application will drop a point onto a google maps given two data points from the phone for a target. "Native" port of popular LIRC to the android platform

Minimize XML Parser is a simple SAX based Parser for use within Java applications! It was built to help with parsing XML feeds within Android applications, but should work in any Java based application.

Find in real time, who's calling you directly from the web automatically by your phone.

Lightweight open source download manager for Android. The main purpose of it is ability to download files and save them directly on your SD card.

GPS Bearing and Distance for Android

WIFI Scanner

Android app for controlling VLC media player and Media Player Classic through their respective Web interfaces.

DakiDaki is a personal off-road GPS utility software for Android. The application has its internal map and can be used without having online. It saves the battery life so you can keep your phone standby for the whole journey. Main features Offline map. We utilize Google Terrain map that can show the topography of the landscapes, which is ideal for off-road exploration. Note: Currently, we only provide the map for the Trentino-Alto Adige region. (The map can be obtained by sending a request to the author's email address). Global Positioning System (GPS). Locate your position real-time. Digital compass. Point the north better.

gwtmobile-phonegap gwtmobile-phonegap is a GWT wrapper of the PhoneGap Javascript library. phonegap is a cross-platform development framework that provides core mobile device features to web-based mobile apps.gwtmobile-phonegap enables GWT mobile applications to use phonegap functions.

This framework provide an easy to implement Peer-to-Peer communication framework allowing an nearby cluster of android phone to easlyr communicate with on another. SmartMenu provide a simple, easy to use menu which can be added over any Android view. The user must perform a gesture to display it. run the Air mouse in your phone

NoiseTube is a research project started in 2008 at the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris in collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The goal of the project is to turn smartphones into mobile noise level meters to enable citizens to measure their exposure to noise in their everyday environment and participate in the collective noise mapping of their city or neighborhood.

Smart Switch intelligently turns on your wifi and bluetooth at the times you need it.

An android app that displays a simple cube which rotates.

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