Thursday, May 13, 2010


The most famous client RTMP is the Adobe Flash Player that can do streaming video and audio from RTMP servers.

Adobe Open Source Media Framework

Moyea Web Player version 2. 0 with RTMP Stream Plugin supports playback of live video streaming and SMIL presentations and streaming video from RTMP servers.

JW Player

Flowplayer RTMP as well.

Sublime Video Player

RTMP server software

The only full RTMP server application is Adobe Flash Media Server, Onlinelib VCS Video Communication Server (including iPhone Support), Wowza media server and WebORB Integration Server (free of charge and available. NET, Java and ColdFusion), both commercial and closed source implementations. There is a reverse engineered open source project called Red5, which aims to produce a feature-complete written in Java. Finally my current favorite is C++ RTMP Server


Moyea SWF to Video Converter V3.2