Thursday, September 25, 2008

Canon EOS 5D MKII - Reverie

Wow !!! I love H.264

The reverie HD video is available on the smugmug CDN

Quoting Vincent :

The H.264 mov files that you will see are straight out of the prototype camera.
(You will be able to see that these are indeed raw clips for yourself in the embedded EXIF info) and will prove all of the skeptics wrong - not a single color, tonal, noise, exposure - or ANY adjustment was made to any of the footage at any time).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Green Energy

I use to live in Arizona and i was just shocked to see that nobody was adopting solar energy in those cities as a great add on to electricity supply.

As a matter of fact some nuclear plants are used to provide enough electricity for all those old and ugly AC/Units just for the month of June,July,august and September.
Well we all know that you can't use solar energy to provide enough "juice" for AC/unit but a nice panel could provide enough electricity to run your computers the all year, provide lighting and provide electricity for some of your utilities...

So what cities like Phoenix, Texas, Las Vegas are waiting for......
When the government will provide really good tax return intensive plan for people willing to installed solar panel ?

Okay so for Phoenix here are the numbers if you get yet an other loan of 25 years...

Gross Cost: $38,000
Federal Tax Credit: $7,140
State/Utility Rebate: $13,950
Net Cost: $16,910
First Year Bill Savings: 36%

Assuming that you don't have any problems with the panel after 5 years which use to be the average medium time before failure for older generation of solar panel you will pay per month :

With SunPower Without SunPower
Monthly Loan Payment $112.73 $0.00
Tax Savings * -$31.35 $0.00
Monthly Electric Bill $66.99 $105.00
Monthly Net Cost $148.38 $105.00

Per year 456 USD of saving.

This system seams to be good for people who can afford to pay in full.
It seams that best is to pay cash and yet the system should be fare if the
customer would get Federal Tax Credit EVERY year not only at purchase time.
Let's say your electric bill cost 66 USD instead of 105 USD. Your
clean saving net worth is 33 USD per month. Government should give
you 1/3 of the 33 USD of money back every month at least equivalent to
1 month of free energy per year.

Well it's a start...

Monday, September 08, 2008

Apple itunes installer ??

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Interactive H264 Video for Flash Player 10

Stay tuned this article will show you how to create interactive Video for Flash Player 10 using XMP Metadata Encapsulation