Monday, June 17, 2013

Extract useful data from iPhone 4 including Shazham tags list, wallpaper images such as lock screen background or home background

1 Install SQLite Database Browser in your Applications Folders
Click here to download

2 Install iPhone Backup Extractor
Click here for download

3 Download iTunes

4 backup your phone with iTunes

5 Launch iPhone Backup Extractor
5.1 Select Expert mode

5.2 For Shazam

5.2.1 Check the file com.shazam.Shazam/Documents/ShazamDataModel.sqlite
5.2.2 Choose File/Export, choose Export only checked file(s) ShazamDataModel.sqlite
5.2.3 Save the ShazamDataModel.sqlite file
5.2.4 Open the file with SQLite Database Browser and export the list to your favorites format

5.3 For lock Screen

5.3.1 The wallpaper is actually stored under the Springboard folder in the "Library". So, extract the file called HomeBackground.cpbitmap
or LockBackground.cpbitmap

5.3.2 Open your browser at
5.3.3 Select the output format PNG or JPG (loosy compression)
5.3.4 Upload the cpbitmap and enjoy your converted file
5.3.5 Scale the image to fit new iPhone 5 screen size using Photoshop/Gimp
5.3.6 Send the new file to your new iPhone 5 and update the lock screen

Note:You can also build the CPBitmap yourself using Visual Studio 2010 but you might have to change the code from time to time
if any changes to the cpbitmap has occured. The source code of the project is available here

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