Thursday, January 10, 2013

Notepad++ For Windows 8 RT ARM

That's it Windows 8 RT ARM based tablet are out there but as many already noticed Windows 8 RT is lacking a lot of useful software available on Windows x86 and Windows 64 platform.

A lack of apps has been one of the big complaints for Windows 8, particularly the RT version, which doesn't run Windows 7 apps. (Full Windows 8 PCs will run any app that works on Windows 7 mode.) No one thought this would be a permanent problem even though Microsoft failed to make its goal of 10,000 apps in the store by launch day.

The most important application is certainly a good Text Editor. Forget about Notepad or Wordpad...

So I decided to build Notepad++ for Windows 8 RT based on source code

You can download the 7z archive from

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