Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lens correction for GoPro HD 3 Silver Edition using DXO Optics Pro 7 and greater

This tutorial explain how to flattened an image taken by the GoPro HD 3 using DXO Optics Pro.
DXO Optics pro is the best software out there to provide lens correction.
Unfortunately DXO Labs didn't release yet and official Correction Module for GoPro HD 3 Silver Edition

Nether the less you can still use fish eye correction in a few click to correct your image.

I will be using the following image taken in panoramic mode

Step 1 Load the image inside DXO Optics Pro

Step 2 let's take a closer look at the image properties

Menu Image --> Image properties

Step 3 on the right en size menu under the corrections group

Select the combo box Correction to Manual
Select the combo box Distortion type to Fish Eye
Finally move the intensity slider to + 67

Et voila!

Note that the result is not perfect and that some objects might still look a bit stretched
more particularly, the objects on the first plan but for outdoor shots this is not
that bad at all!
Now DXO Labs and GoPro folks, let's provide a lens module for DXO. Many are looking forward to it!

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