Tuesday, June 05, 2012

IE10 and FLASH

Finally, there’s Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft’s in-house web browser, which adds a couple of interesting features. First, Microsoft has added a strip of frequently visited and pinned/bookmarked sites that appear when you begin typing in a URL. Potentially more useful, however, is “Flip Ahead,” which adds an arrow (only visible if your mouse is close by) to the right of the screen. The arrow looks at Bing user activity and page data and actually tries to predict the most likely page you want to go to. This would be very handy for, say, articles split among multiple pages — that is, if it actually took you to the next page. In my brief test with a few multi-page articles from Slate, it did nothing of the kind, but perhaps it just needs tweaking (and more user data). Most important, IE10 now has Flash compatibility built in. However, as Microsoft explained to me, this does not mean that every Flash site will render properly. Since IE in Metro uses a customized version of Flash that Microsoft worked directly with Adobe to create, sites need to submit themselves for approval to work with IE10. Microsoft said it’s already taken care of big Flash sites (like YouTube) and more are getting added to the bucket. This seams to be the best way to avoid bogus SWF to mess up your CPU and so forth. This should be the same for Android APP to reduce the ridiculous amount of ADB log draining the battery Please Google implement a turned on or off ADB LOG in the settings of next Android OS. http://mashable.com/2012/05/31/windows-8-release-preview-2/

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