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Activideo is a software created by a small company Actimus which can help you generate all what you need to produce the raw data needed for an interactive video experience. For more information about Activideo visit and to see how it work visit Some video tutorials are now available to explain you how to use Activideo
and user who purchase the software have access to online documentation.

Activideo is a fast and easy way to turn your videos into interactive presentations thanks to the export of well known Adobe XMP Metadata container. Activideo adds interactive hot spots (also called overlay sequences) to your videos. It is a simple but powerful concept: user-created hyperlinks within the video at various intervals and for specific areas in the video the same way hypertext is used on the Internet. These hyperlinks and interactive hotspots are exported into Adobe XMP RDF XML file format. Activideo could also produce Adobe Flash Action script 3 file along with a FLA and HTML template to be able to build your custom SWF with Adobe Flash CS4 or Adobe Flash CS5 thanks to a Plugin SDK. Actimus is about to release a live component for Flash CS5 which will provide the ability to validate/test each invisible hotspot by playing the video inside the Activideo Player.

Input Formats:

Activideo supports many input video file formats mostly any file format supported by the Direct Show software stack. Today, it currently supports MPEG1, MPEG2*, MPEG2-TS* transport streams including HD (720, 1080), DivX*, Microsoft AVI, Microsoft WMV* and WMV-HD *, Blueray * m2ts file, MKV, FLV and should work with WEBM (VP8). Activideo never modifies the original source video neither encode a Video. This tasks is left to Adobe Media Encoder and Adobe Bridge CS4 bundled with Adobe Flash CS4 Pro


The outlining of the overlay sequences is very precise because Activideo supports polygons with up to 100 vertices within a sequence. It performs linear interpolation of each vertex to transition smoothly from one shape to another. While the video is playing into Activideo, the user can move the current polygon location with the mouse visually to match any portion of the video associated and covered by polygon (and polygon are not visible on top of the final encoded Video. This is a human intervention process but it can be automated if the user doesn't plan to move the object on screen thanks to a very functional Wizard well suited to create a unique sequence and for example turn a logo encoded in the video into an hyperlink. To ease the overlay authoring process, a static logo sequence can be generate using the Creation Wizard.

Demo version:
Yes : Export of XMP
No : Project saving.
Yes : Wizard to create an interactive sequence available.
21 days of evaluation.

Full version:
Yes : Export XMP
Yes : Access to self registered COM Export Plug-ins available through Export As Menu
NO activation required.

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