Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Software for 2D-3D conversion - Avatar follower

StereoTracer is designed for creating 3D image out of one 2D image by means of «depth-map». The depth-map (disparity image or Z-image) serves to convert a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional one. In the depth-map the gray color gradation shows each pixel's distance from the viewer. The lighter area in the depth-map correspond to the areas nearer to the viewer, the darker ones correspond to more distant areas.

A «depth-map» can be created from source one 2D image or stereopair automatically in StereoTracer. "How to" is available here.

StereoTracer generates a number of images which all have a slightly different viewing angle. This process models shooting of a scene from different points across the horizontal line. Resultant series of images is used for creating 3D (stereo) image by method of anaglyph encoding or making multi-view 3D lenticular picture in Triaxes 3DMasterKit or other lenticular generating application. Also a series of frames can be exported into a movie clip (AVI or animated GIF) and used for presentation purposes.

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