Thursday, February 05, 2009

Flash CS3 to Flash CS4 migration awerness when using FLVPlayback

For those of you who are willing to open existing FLA created by Flash CS3 in Flash CS4 and if those FLA were referencing some instance of the FLVPlayback in the library only controlled by Action Script 3 code, you have to be careful when saving the FLA in Flash CS4 the first time.

Flash CS4 will ask you to migrate your FLA to CS4. Great ! you are MORE than welcome to do this if you were using Action Script 3 code to load video (obviously FLV) and now you are planning to manipulate F4V/MP4/H264 and produce Flash Player 10 SWF. If this is your plan, do not forget to replace the existing FLVPlayback component in the library with the new one as well before upgrading your FLA to Flash CS4.Ddrag and drop the FLVPlayback on stage. You will be prompt to replace. Then save your FLA with Flash CS4. Doing so will guaranty better support of any new files extension supported by latest Flash Player and/or FLash Media Server. Enhancement are always likely to happen from one version of Flash CS to another. From there you will be on track for awesome new features.

Finally, I also recommend ActionScript 3 devs to use load method as much as possible and avoid source in AS3 CS3 code. Sanity check your code if you don't want to upgrade to latest FLVPlayback but still want to manipulate MP4/H264/F4V file by just targeting Flash Player 10.

BTW: If you are manipulating FLV, you are just fine.

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