Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Modal Dialog using Carbon

Not a long time ago i was force to find a way to display an Alert Dialog on MAC OS X
and here is a basic sequence to display a modal dialog on the mac similar to Win32 MessageBox

DialogRef alert;
DialogItemIndex outHit;
CFStringRef errMsg;
CFStringRef errorExplanation;
UInt32 textLength;

alertStringExplanation = SomeUTF String
alertStringTitle = SomeUTF String

l1 = alertStringExplanation.length();
l2 = alertStringTitle.length();
textLength = l2;
errMsg = ::CFStringCreateWithBytes(NULL, (UInt8 *) alertStringTitle.get(), textLength, CFStringGetSystemEncoding(), false);
textLength = l1;

errorExplanation = ::CFStringCreateWithBytes(NULL, (UInt8 *) alertStringExplanation.get(), textLength, CFStringGetSystemEncoding(), false);
UInt32 numUnicodeChars = ::CFStringGetMaximumSizeForEncoding(textLength, kCFStringEncodingUnicode);

CreateStandardAlert(kAlertCautionAlert, errMsg, errorExplanation, NULL, &alert);
RunStandardAlert(alert, NULL, &outHit);


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