Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pros and cons of automatic update

Pros and cons of automatic update

Lately Microsoft has decided to push Silverlight on Vista SP1 and will certainly do the same things with Microsoft XP SP3. Nothing wrong about that. I have no objection with Automatic update at all since it is a great way to increase user experience but... only if the user has the choice... By combining all there fix in a Service pack they just find a way to update there platform.... When you install a software you can always see the software through the Add Remove Program for instance this is a good practice for stand alone runtime such as Visual Studio Runtime, .Net, Flash Player Active X Control, Air Runtime. But why Microsoft don't give this Option when user install the Service Pack.... Why not offering some component selection to the end user instead of installing a bunch of file with no report of what was really installed. Apple on Mac OSX offer this feature right(give the user a choice ). What i recommend is not to use automatic update or service Pack but rather check for available update and pick the one you really need or want !

Finally what i like with semi automatic update is not to seat in the tray icon and use my CPU but just be invoked by the application who need the service of the updater one time, ask the user.

Rebooting an XP machine and have to wait for udpates is not OPT-IN at ALL !

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