Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Upload Video to Youtube

I am finally on the verge to integrate a youtube uploader tool to one of my side project. I just need to figure out how to log to gmail instead of youtube since there is two ways to authenticate with youtube.

About youtube :

When you upload a video to YouTube, it automatically converts it to a flash video file (.flv) with specific settings (see below, standard column). The contrast of the video is increased and video noise is suppressed. YouTube appears to respect the framerate of the uploaded file; Framerates will varie between 15 (minimum framerate to tell it is a video...), 24 frames (pal) and 30 frames per second (ntsc with no drop frame). It is hard to tell how long you have to wait for the video to be available but it is pretty fast !!. Once the video has been uploaded you can log to your account and from there you can check the status of your video. Usually you will see Uploaded (processing, please wait).

Video Profile

standard recommended possible
file extension : .flv (flash video)
total bitrate : ~320 kbits/sec 804.7 kbits/sec 2147.2 kbits/sec
audio codec : MPEG layer 3 (MP3)
audio format : Mono, 22.050 kHz Stereo, 44.100 kHz Stereo, 44.100 kHz
audio bitrate : ~67 kpbs/sec 128 kpbs/sec 128 kpbs/sec
video codec : Sorenson Spark (H.263)
video format : 320 x 240 px, 15-30 fps 320 x 240 px, 29.97 fps 640 x 480 px, 29.97 fps
video bitrate : ~250 kbps/sec 677.7 kbps/sec 2019.2 kbps/sec

You can save your own .flv files and upload them to YouTube. You can encode video with higher bitrates and resolution than YouTube compresses with. The only limitations I can tell are that the file must be under 100 MB and you must use the Sorenson Spark video codec and MP3 audio codec.

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