Wednesday, October 18, 2006

OnAir USB HDTV and WIndows Vista

I recently installed windows vista rc1 and i use to have few issues with the USB HDTV driver for my USB2HDTV box. so i decided to upgrade to vista RC2.
The upgrade was successfull without any trouble and i was able to upgrade my vista RC1 to RC2 without losing any previousley installed software.

I then installed the latest driver from onair solution OnAir USB HDTV Creator Driver v2.0.0.61
whose download is available at

At the end of the installation, i use to have some trouble with the installation even if i was runing the installer in compatibility mode.
Compatinility mode is the nice way to execute a process and target a specific operating system he was supposed to run onto thanks to a build in appcompat into the new explorer.
I selected Windows XP SP2.

Vista complained about a problem but an onairsolution folder was present at the root of vista OS drive.

I then went to the Control panel (in classic icon view) and i selected the system icon. On the top left tab i selected Device Manager then i right clicked on the USB HDTV driver which was marked as a device not beeing installed properly with the famous exclamation mark yellow icon.

I selected the 'Update Driver Software...' option from the right context menu and specify a path for the driver by pointing to the driver path found in C:\OnAirSolution\ subfolder.

Later on i choose the install anyway option when a dialog box popup with some red alert message.

The installation was successfull !

I then installed version 2.9.9 of the HDTV creator software and i got TVVVVV again but not on a dual screen only the primary screen...

BTW this is not bad for RC2, vista rocks again for me and the cherry on the cake with vista is that on mouse over ontop of the OnAir USB HDTV icon in the taskbar i can check TV in a popup window thanks to the new build in feature in Vista !!

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