Monday, September 25, 2006

Rip and Organize Music

The following screen shot describes a set of Windows applications aimed to demonstrate my audio multimedia skills on the Windows XP Platform.

The first application is a CDRIP based Windows application based on a famous Open Source Ripping Engine available on Source Forge for which i have added a Skin Engine.

The second application is a MUSIC multithreaded scanning Windows application which extract metadata from a personnal music collection and organized the music based on genre, artist, album like wise Microsoft, Apple, Real or Media Monkey are doing.

The third is a basic Application to embed the Media Player Engine.

I will post soon a screen shot of an application to show an alternate way on Windows (using a Direct X and Active X Control technology) to select a CD in a media library based on 3d albumart image mapping like wise apple did with iTune in the latest version of iTune.

Stay tuned...

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