Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Intel Profiler 3 and Intel Building Blocks

Visualize threaded application behavior and pinpoint parallel performance issues. Optimize threads faster and turn the power of Intel multi-core processors into application performance. Product benefits include: The ability to identify synchronization issues and excessive blocking time that cause delays for Win32, POSIX threaded, and OpenMP code. Spot thread workload imbalances. Improve threaded application performance by maximizing application time spent in parallel regions.



Intel Threading Building Blocks for Windows is a new C++ template-based runtime library that eases the process of writing parallel routines, or threads, within an application. It consists of pre-built and tested data structures & algorithms that simplify threading for performance and scalability. Create scalable threads faster and utilize multi-core technology. Product benefits include: Ready to use parallel algorithms that easily plug into applications and deliver scalable performance. Highly concurrent containers for robust threaded applications. Task based parallelism to abstract low-level platform details. Library based solution that seamlessly integrates into development environments. Cross platform support speeds deployment of applications on various multi-core platforms. Supports 32-bit and 64-bit platforms using Intel and GNU compilers.


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