Monday, July 10, 2006

SoundMax Audio Driver Problems on Windows Vista Beta 2

SoundMax Audio Driver Problems
If you are using the onboard Audio card of a Intel Motherboard, then you need to install the SoundMax Audio drivers from Analog Devices. The problem is that the setup kit of the driver checks the windows version and exits with a message that the OS is not supported. There are also some reports of problems with the driver if you go and install via the inf file.
The problem is to get your hands on the lastest drivers. The easiest way was to download it off the Dell support site. Search for "Audio: Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio, Driver, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Multi Language, Multi System" and download the latest update you can find.

Just have Vista check for new drivers. (Right click on it in the Device Manager, Update Driver Software, Search automatically for updated driver software) Worked for me.

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