Friday, January 27, 2006

Changing the dialog bitmap of an MSI setup.exe

Recently i face one problem within the Installshield Developer 10.5 suite from Macrovision.
For MSI project, there is no way to specify the Cool Bitmap that you want to be displayed during the decompression stage when running a self extract setup.exe file.
At this stage the self extract installer decompress the MSI file, optionnaly copy this file in the Windows Installer Cache folder. The left banner image is the default one provide by Macrovision and in many cases this graph is ugly and didn't match the logo of your product or company.

The easyest way is to use existing Resource Editor. The smallest and best one so far is
ResHacker available here

1 Run it and select the setup.exe which is the self extract msi generated by Install shield
2 select GIF -> IDR_GIF1 -> 1033
3 Right click and choose replace resource
4 open file with new resource
5 select installshield\dist\Bitmap\MyNewBitmap.gif with the exact correct size
6 Change Field

resource type:GIF
Resource name:IDR_GIF1
Resource Language:1033

7 Click on Replace
8 Go to File and Save


that's all folks !

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